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Expert Opinion On Walter Libby, LMT

I have been a weekly massage client of Walter Libby's for over 13 years. I am a physician (MD and ND). I have worked closely with massage therapists for 30 years, and am well qualified to render an expert opinion as to his abilities. I can say without exaggeration that Walter is the most gifted body worker I have even encountered.

In addition to 38 years of hands-on experience Walter has trained with some of the great massage teachers and has, in my opinion, gone beyond their teachings. His own massage classes and clinics are very well received as he passes on his distilled knowledge. He uses a variety of advanced techniques, such as Strain-Counterstrain and Myofascial Trigger Point work, and adds his own twists that accelerate the process.

As a true healer he uses his extensive knowledge of massage techniques to create his own unique blend. This results in superior pain relief and improvements in musculoskeletal mechanics. I routinely go to see him in high levels of pain and always leave with little or no pain. Over the years he has helped transform my musculoskeletal system and alleviated the postures and muscular holding patterns that have contributed to chronic back and neck pain. As such I feel privileged to be a able to access such a talented bodyworker. It makes no difference how much pain I am in or what kind of problem I am having, he always seems to find a way to improve things. That is my definition of a truly exceptional massage therapist.


Stephen Kimberly,MD, ND